Finding Their Potential

The concept of children’s creativity blossoming through technology has been researched and explained academically in studies such as Creativity in Technology Education: Providing Children with Glimpses of their Innovative Potential.


Creativity and Identity

Technology does not only help with learning assistance. It has many outlets to open up creativity. According to The Modern Parent, “Kids are making new content, reworking old content and coming up with new and more creative ideas to get a message across, express an idea or connect with others. There is much that can be encouraged by allowing our children this freedom to create.”

Some of this is found on social media, but kids are also able to have blogs where they curate information or ideas. They can build digital worlds in games such as Minecraft or Sims. They can develop identities online.

Special Needs and Technology

Technology in the classroom is not just for typically developing kids. Children with special needs can not only use technology, but it has been proven helpful for their development. The “10 Best Autism Apps for the iPad” give examples such as First Then Visual Schedule HD, which allows the child to follow their routine in a visual way. There is also an ABA Flash Cards app which shows common pictures and words studied in Applied Behavioral Analysis, a therapy used to help children on the Autism spectrum with cognitive development.

The following video is a clip from 60 Minutes regarding Apps for Autism.